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Thread: Seeking Expert PHP & vBulletin Programmer

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    Seeking Expert PHP & vBulletin Programmer

    I have an idea for an application related to vbulletin, specifically vbulletin 3.5 (with it's advanced plugin handling features). I would like to speak to a php expert who is well versed in writing plugins for vbulletin as to whether or not this is possible. If it is possible I'll want to be hiring the person to carry it out.

    I'll be on vacation for a week now but feel free to PM me if interested and I'll get back to you on my way back.
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    Here is an expert that has coded many vB hacks, a book store, photo gallery and others, get hold of him on his forum, he loves new members like you do Chris!

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    I would personally recommend Cinq, he has created many usefull modifications for vbulletin and is well known in the vbulletin and community. Hes site is I am one of his clients and I only recommend him to you because I know he would answer and help you get it done.

    Just thought I would add this here.

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