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Thread: How can I check "back links" of a Blog?

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    How can I check "back links" of a Blog?

    I noticed that when I check incoming/back links of a Blog using different 'link popularity' tools, it always results in 0 number of sites linking to that particular Blog I am checking?

    For example -

    This site is ranked 1st page MSN Search for highly competitive keyword "casino", but 0 back links!?

    Anyone has an explanation for this or how I can check back links for a Blog?

    Thanks so much!
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    For some strange reason these sites rank really well. They all seem to be blogspot and all seem to be a simple redirect using an affiliate program. Someone is making mega-bucks out of them too. Apparently a black-hat technique. For more on them check out:

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    The backlinks for that "blog" appear to be from comment spam. Both yahoo and google disavow all knowledge of that site. Seems like MSN has lousy spam filters.

    Somebody has quite an automated racket going on.

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    type link:yourdomainhere into Google...

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