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Thread: Improve AdSense CTR possible?

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    Improve AdSense CTR possible?

    Hi guys, I'd like to know if there's a way to improve the CTR of Adsense. At a distance of 4 month since the beginning of Adsense subscription my site has an avg. CTR of 0,51% and eCPM/page 0,53 and 4 clicks/day. I own a graphic and programming tutorials site, with 1000+ pi/day and at least 400 unique visitors/day.


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    First off, I'd expect its probably pretty hard to get decent CTR on a computer/tech related site without some of the over blending type stuff. But as far as just generally increasing CTR, check out Cutter's article if you haven't already: basically you have these three variables:

    -ad position
    -ad format
    -ad color

    Your job is to experiment with all three of them to see what works best. In general, what you want is ads that blend in (so the user doesn't ignore it) or ads that stick out (so the user can't ignore it).

    One thing I'm going to experiment with is having 10+ different ad colors/formats and have them randomly rotating so:

    a. users won't get used to the ads and block them out as quickly, and
    b. when a user sees the ad change from page to page, they will have to look at it.

    This is just a theory though, I haven't tried it out yet. Not sure if it would be a bit too intrusive, but it's no different than any standard banner rotation.

    Anyway, good luck.
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    Thank you Sean for your fast reply and article link. I'll try to experiment a bit to improve CTR as much as I can.

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