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    Hey all,

    Just want some C&C on my 2 month old concept: volconvo

    the name means heated debate (volcano+conversation=volconvo)

    The site fosters some very interesting debate, and it's been very rewarding so far.

    Let me know what you think, I have big plans for this concept. I'm betting on 5,000 members+ by summer, so I need all the crit I can get.

    PS....refresh the main page a few times to see the random banners they're all political in some way.

    check it -heated debate movement

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    Great site, I own the domain ( mening = opinion ) and I've wanted to start something similar to your website for about a year now ( only for the flemisch part of Belgium though which is a rather small group to target ) ... I think your website is a great example. The forums are simple, meaning there are not to much subforums which is very good.
    Ofcourse I think the concept is great since I thought of it to .

    Now, what is the goal of this website ? Is it ment to make you money or more like a hobby project ? I've thought a lot about advertisement etc but I don't think the concept really allows you to target a specific group ?

    Love the logo and the simple style of the forums is also very pleasing to me !

    Great work.
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    Nice site layout. Your forums are quite active for only being a 2-month-old site. How many members do you have?

    In the forums, there are two links which I think will take me back to the homepage, "volconvo" text link bread crumb on the left, and the image logo in the upper left, but they take me back to the forum front page. I think if the text link said "volconvo forums" (keeping the same url) and the image linked to the homepage it'd be much clearer.

    For all those forum pages there is no link back to the homepage. The "Homepage" link does take you to the homepage true, but the url is some strange forum derivative and not the root url. I'd change "Homepage" to "volconvo" or "volconvo Home" and link it direct to the root url.

    Also, are the links to Invision board on the footer mandatory?

    Good luck.

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    Great political debates...

    I love the logo but the picture behind it is a bit too dark, photoshop it's light up a slight bit...

    You have got alot of members in a very short time, may I enquire how...

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    The logo is great, the layout is simple but effective and the posts are easy to read... well done.
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