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Thread: Form results to formatted PDF format

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    Form results to formatted PDF format

    Hey there everyone,

    I have this page:

    My goal is to have the results of the form output into a PDF that is preformatted a certain way (essentially a template). So, I want the form results to insert themselves to the correct line in my PDF form so that the client can simply print it out.

    The way I currently achieve this is the form results are emailed to me in XML format, I manually import those into a PDF template I have and then save-as and send the PDF to the client. As you can imagine it becomes a somewhat time consuming process as they will probably get 30-50 pre-registrations.

    Does anyone know of a way that the results could be output automatically to the pre-formatted PDF template at the server level, and the final PDF output emailed to the client? I've seen some sites that you can save pages as PDF on the fly but I think that requires additional software on the server?

    Any help appreciated!

    EDIT: Here's a copy of the final form so you can see what the final output looks like:
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    There are some PHP => PDF libraries, I'll hook you up on the weekend!
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