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Thread: RSS Affiliate Datafeeds and/or Tools???

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    Question RSS Affiliate Datafeeds and/or Tools???

    I have lots of affiliates looking for affiliate datafeeds that are offered in RSS with the affiliate ID already embedded. I have only found a couple. Can't believe more merchants are not jumping on this. I keep blogging and forum posting about the need, but most merchants are just slow I guess.

    A couple solutions I have found are Rss 2 blog and a new program that just came out called I have not tried it because I'm not that technical and don't really do affiliate marketing much myself peronally. The video makes it look super easy but it only works for WordPress blogs which will prbably work for about 95% of affiliates, but I' am just trying to build a comprehensive list of options. Does anyone know of any other programs that convert datafeeds to RSS? Or even just straight CSV to RSS?

    Also if you know of any merchants that offer RSS feeds, please list them here. I am trying to gather a list of resources for affiliates. The only one I have found so far is Montred which sells jewelry. They are not one of my clients, just found them searching.

    Does anyone know of any others???
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    I wish they'd implement it too, for things like sales/deals especially.
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