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Thread: How to promote RSS

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    How to promote RSS

    My question is short "What is the best way to promote your site through RSS?".

    I have mentioned my site before (in signature). It produced 10-15 unique artcles each month. All are available thru RSS and I've hooked it into feedburner and submitted it to numerous RSS directories.The content is good and I would have thought someone would pick up on it but not one.

    I've informed a number of webmasters too and none yet have taken me up either.

    I know its a numbers gain to some extent, but is there some tricks I should know about for getting RSS feeds picked up.

    There seems to be a lot of talk about articles recently and not duplicating content on other websites. RSS would be a good answer, but its not mentioned. I'd be interested in knowing why?

    Thanks in advance
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    get it on google news.

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    Seems like a good idea. But I see that as my goal. The question for me still stands. How do I get it on Google News?
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    submit it. Its how i got on google news. But google news isnt going to send you a ton of traffic.

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    I thought that Google news will take RSS feeds from only news resources and not article type RSS feeds.

    I have a few RSS feeds that contain reprint articles. Could I get these on Google news by submitting the RSS feeds to it?
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