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    Business Blogs

    Has anyone used a business blog as part of their ongoing web promotion? What kind of traffic have you received from this? Overall would you say that business blogs improve your business.
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    I can't speak personally, but I always feel more comfortable ordering from a site that has some kind of blog. It's like the new version of the company newsletter. One of the key things in sales is to build a trusting relationship with your customer. It's much easier to make sales once you have this - and a regularly updated blog fits in perfectly with this.

    An example of a good company blog... (I order regularly from this company)

    Another great thing for building trust with your customers is a simple forum.

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    Well, I maintain a blog. Its not specifically for a business, but I've made money from it through a few consulting leads. As for traffic, not a lot of volume, but it is highly targetted.
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