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    Just curious...I know their nothing special but I went on a domain buying binge the other night and these are some that I got. No site, no traffic, just the domain.

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    I see them as all pretty common, not really worth more than the registration fee.
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    Yeah, maybe if you hang on to them for a few years theres a small chance you'd get an interested buyer. I only go after domains of keywords people are searching for if I don't plan on developing the site.
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    The only one that's interesting is That's quite a nice domain for a joke site or something.

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    Cool..thanks for the replies. I figure more or less everything that was said.

    Cutter: I'm finding this out slowly. I aquired a couple yesterday and I did a search at overture for a few keywords and purchased the domains based on that. So, I guess I'm slowly learning the ways of the wise.


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