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Thread: What do you suggest here?

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    What do you suggest here?

    I'm getting ready to start designing a new site. I've kinda got an idea of the layout in my head, but nothing set in stone yet. I have a notepad of ideas for the site, and it seems this notepad keeps growing with more sections and possibilities. Its almost getting to the point where I wish I could shut my brain off and quit thinking of new things for a while.

    Do you suggest trying to develop all sections of the site before launching it, or just start slow and get what I feel the main sections are up first, launch the site, and gradually build up from there to get the rest of my ideas in place?

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    I'd suggest starting the site with a small foundation. It's like gardening, plant it and let it grow into something over time. It doesn't need to sprout (or launch) done already.

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    You want it to look complete, and possibly you want enough content for directory editors to consider it useful, but you do not need all the bells and whistles you plan to be present during launch.
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    I usually try to have 3 or 4 pages minimum when I first launch a site; often its a lot more. It seems to me like the bots will hit a newly registered domain within the first 24 hours so its nice to have some content up there.
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    Yes, Chris made a good point. I don't mean to launch when the site is incomplete (with broken links or whatnot), but you don't have to wait until you have 500 pages. If you have some basic articles up, with a homepage and contact page, you're ready to launch.

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    Well I'm already off on the wrong foot here it seems. I've just got a splash page up on the site right now with no content or anything.

    I appreciate the replies though guys/gals.

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