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Thread: Stretching Vbulletin

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    Stretching Vbulletin

    I have read enough posts to be convinced that vBulletin is the forum software of choice. However, I have a couple of sites where I think it might work, but would not be the standard forum application. is where my son and I are posting material on a wide range of subjects. I started it with static pages and then inserted a Wordpress blog in hopes of facilitating publishing. Wordpress did that, but it is starting to feel like the blog framework doesn't work well for the scope of topics we want to cover. We are not terribly concerned about attracting members; mostly looking for a system that makes it easy for us to add content and visitors to browse their area of interest quickly. If some of you with vBulletin and publishing experience could take a look, envision the content in vBulletin framework, and let me know if that works, I would appreciate it.

    I have another site where I have been considering adding a classified ad function as a service to visitors. I don't really need all the features of the photopost classified script but visitors would need to be able to easily post pictures. The vBulletin site makes it sound like pictures can be enabled, but I don't recall ever seeing a forum site where that was done (or I didn't realize it). Can anyone provide links to vBulletin site(s) that make extensive use of images?

    Thanks for the help.

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    For both questions I recommend searching through -- chances are you'll find what you need.
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    an example of what can be done can be seen here: (slow load)

    powered by which seems to have spun off the gallery to

    and there are other solutions such as the 'vbindex' portal and the 'drupal' cms which integrates with vbulletin and might be a better solution than wordpress ( thread on drupal = )

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