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    Directory Critic!

    I’m proud to announce my new site, Directory Critic!

    Directory Critic is a new directory list, directory rating and directory information website. The aim of Directory Critic is to run a detailed directory list where you can not only get links to directories, but read other webmasters opinions, compare ratings, read reviews etc. Our focus is not just going to be about running a quality list, but having a quality information resource available for webmasters submitting to directories.

    How it works:

    The way the directories are listed on Directory Critic is based around a webmaster rating system. When directories are rated by webmasters they accrue points. The better the ratings the more points the directory gets.

    The top 20 directories get listed on our homepage. These directories will benefit from the extra exposure by being at the top of our directory lists, as well as a high PR link from our homepage (I am going to be pumping as much PR into this project as I can).

    Each directory has a unique link that the directory owner can place on the submit page or in the “you’ve been listed” email. This link goes directly to the directory’s rating page. I encourage all directory owners to ask their webmasters to rate their directory on Directory Critic. The more ratings you get, the more points you get…etc etc.

    Directory Owners: how to add your directory:

    Directory owners can register and add their directories to our database. You only need to register once, and you can submit all your directories under that user account. Owners can log in and change/update their directory details at any time (incase you might want to add special offers etc). Each directory is reviewed before appearing on our lists to filter out any possible spamming.

    Webmasters: how to submit to our lists

    We’re only new, so it will take time before we build up a comprehensive list. You can access our directory lists by going to We have a separate free, paid and recip lists and our lists can be sorted by PR, points, name, date submitted etc. I will be promoting this directory heavily so it will not take long before we have a good list of directories to offer.

    Directory reviews:

    Over the next few months I will be reviewing some of the major directories and posting my results on Directory Critic. If any directory owners would like their directory to be put in the review cue just PM me.

    The future…

    We’re currently working on a script that displays the backlinks, incoming pages and alexa data for each directory. Also in the pipeline we’re looking at writing a directory tracking system that webmasters can use to track which directories they have submitted to and where they have been listed.

    Note about the rules…

    I am well aware that some directory owners might try to manipulate this system. It’s strictly forbidden for owners to rate their own directories, or to encourage their webmasters to give them good ratings. All webmaster ratings must be confirmed by an email link before any points issued. I have 2 other people working on admin of this site with me and we will be monitoring ratings closely. If anyone is caught manipulating the system I will expose them as an unscrupulous operator.

    So what are you waiting for, submit your directories!

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    Funny, I am working on my own directory right now Talk about timing
    Stepping On Wires - the new blog

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    Seems every man and is dog owns a directory these days

    I am working on 2 niche dirs atm

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    Thumbs up Yes!

    Good collection of New Directories - nice resource

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    I spend a fair bit of time adding directories daily - and a lot of ppl know about it now, so Im adding about 10+ new dirs daily

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