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Thread: How many words per page?

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    How many words per page?

    How many words per page do you think is needed for best optimisation?

    I am inclined to use as few as possible, maybe around 350, but this has a lot to do with the time involved and resources required as much as the optimisation.

    Has anyone got any opinions about this? I am thinking of getting some work done at Constant Content so I want to maximise the value I get from it, whether that means having a longer article on the one page or breaking it up over several pages.


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    Personally, I'd say it's a good idea to break it down to about 450 words per page, and have it pageanated--but make sure people get the idea that it's multi-paged.

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    Yeah, I'd say 450-500 is about right.

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    IMO, your site should have at least 200 words per page in terms of optimization. I think you should visit this link. It might be helpful to you a lot.
    You should be sure that your site has unique character and content. IMO website should have at least 60% unique content to pass the duplicate content filter. The more unique content the better the site will be off to avoid mistakes as it comes to SEO.
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