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Thread: Online advertising is up

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    Online advertising is up

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Sales of online advertising are so strong that some Web sites are sold out and taking orders 18 months in advance. "We have a supply issue," Joanne Bradford, chief media revenue officer for Microsoft's MSN, told the Wall Street Journal.

    Rising demand is allowing major Web portals to raise their ad rates. Several told the Journal that they've increased prices as much as 20% this year.
    Microsoft , said it charges as much as $1 million for an ad that lasts 24 hours on the site. "It's starting to get into Super Bowl territory," said Sean Finnegan, U.S. director of OMD Digital, a division of ad-agency giant Omnicom Group.
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    Damn, pretty nice. Seems to me if they are sold out a year and a half in advance they need to raise their prices significantly... although the "supply" issue can certainly be a good selling point.
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    if advertising is going up then why is google paying alot less then before per click

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