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Thread: what sites can earn money?

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    what sites can earn money?

    i am missing myself.
    i have own the below site(Soryy, not ad): : the local sites for people making friends and have a party. : my studio site, show people my works :selling batiks.
    i spent about $6000/year on the server, but i just get a little from the sites.
    so i do not know how to let my sites help me earn money.
    i am a chinaese webmaster, can you be my friends?

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    tommy any site can earn you money. key thing in my opinion is know your topic, and develop your sites. Take risks, and dont be afraid to completely screw the pooch and have to try... try again.

    Dont make sites just because other people have made money off them. For example if Westech makes a ton off a flash site, dont rush out to make a flash site. Make something you can committ time to and know the topic.

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    How many pageviews do you get every day?
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    $6000 a year sounds awfully expensive.
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    maybe he means 600$...

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    Maybe he doesn't mean American Dollars.

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    If its chinese currency, its about $720US
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    The sites look very nice, and I think you can make some money. I'm seeing Google PageRanks of 4, 3 and 0. It seems like you need to keep working on building links and traffic. As stated above, you should keep developing the sites, but also make sure you are promoting them in a variety of ways.

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    thank you the above friends, i have got some ideas from you.

    the charge of puting on the server is about USD800/year. about five people share 10M. i think it is high for me to offord it.
    pageviews of is more than 1000 IP, but in my forum the online people is more than 200 people.
    you can view the bbs of my site:
    i have build my site 2years, but just a little money from one or twice ad.
    Maybe the site of local place can not get money, i can not get enough money to offord the server.
    i am a chinaese webmaster, can you be my friends?

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    In this business, you have to be flexible about what you are doing. Did you design and build the website? Maybe you should move into design and building websites. You should also check out some U.S. based reseller hosting packages, because you can buy hosting much cheaper than you are doing now, and you can use this to go into the hosting business yourself with chinese customers.

    Otherwise you have to think about ways to drive traffic to your site, because no site will earn money unless you can get users to visit.

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    Tommy, I think you should try using Google Adsense to make money on your websites. Google Adsense will display ads in the "Chinese (Simplified)" language.

    I think that this is probably your best chance at earning money with your website and forum. Good luck!

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