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Thread: E-Commerce Software

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    E-Commerce Software

    I am starting an e-commerce store.

    I am looking for a free PHP Shopping cart. (NOT OSCOMMERCE)!! I want something simple and that does not require users to make an account when they order a product. setup is what I want.

    Anyone know of a good one? I know php so I can customize but OsCommerce is too big to make such major changes in.

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    I really haven't used anything other than OSC.

    I'm sure there is an OSC contribution that can handle what you want though.
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    I am looking at LiteCommerce at the moment. A new PHP based shopping cart from the makers of X-Cart.

    Not sure if it requires users to make an account when they order a product or not, but it looks like a simple package to start with, and is supposed to be easier to use than X-Cart.

    Has anyone had experence with LiteCommerce or X-Cart?


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