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Thread: TaxHelpAttorney – New Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

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    TaxHelpAttorney – New Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

    We are proud to announce the launch of another brand new PartnerCentric affiliate program.

    Tax Help Attorney is the only “REAL” affiliate program in the IRS taxation legal market.
    Each year the IRS settles BILLIONS in back taxes. Your visitors may need tax relief!

    Did you know…

    - There is $260 BILLION on the IRS' accounts receivable (taxes legally owed but not collected)

    - More than 1 MILLION taxpayers were audited last year & IRS is trying to increase it even more.

    - President Bush has called for a nearly 8% increase for enforcement activities in 2006

    - What does all this mean? LOTS of people are prospective clients for tax help!

    This program will prove to be high converting for affiliates with targeted traffic due to the easy, short leads forms. Discover high lead commissions, long cookies and the responsive management support you have come to expect from PartnerCentric programs.

    Read the full page review & join here:

    Questions? Email Dan Fink, the lead manager: affiliates AT taxhelpattorney DOT com
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    This 5 Star Affiliate Program is Pro-actively Managed by
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    Linda AKA Catalyst :: Affiliate Management Consultant
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    This is a little off topic, but here is a site that I made a long time ago (but never did much with it). It always makes my wife laugh when she looks at it. So when she is having a dull day, she likes to look at it:
    I think it is the use of the faces. Did you laugh too?
    (Note: scroll to bottom)

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    Very nice! I'll look into this one.
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