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Thread: incentivized affiliate offers

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    incentivized affiliate offers

    i'm looking for high paying affiliate offers that are allowed to be incentivized. azoogle has a handful, but most only pay out around $30, and i think there's one that pays around $40... but i read an article a month or so ago that said sites like had some affiliate offers paying out $80+... so i'm wondering, where can i find these higher paying affiliate programs? i have an account with cj too, but i can't seem to figure out how to search by payout, and most of the payouts seem to be a percentage instead of a flat rate.

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    I use


    Always interested in finding more good networks with good reputations.
    New website released. ya rly!

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    thanks, i applied to blueresponse, didn't feel like sending an email to that other place to apply though...

    alright, so here's my question now... this site,, says they send a $50 gift card to you, and all you have to do is complete one offer. i looked at the offers, and a lot of them are the same ones azoogle offers, which are all $30 or less. it seems like they must not be going through azoogle, or they'd be taking a $20 hit for each person who goes to their site, which doesn't seem like a very smart business plan . so...... i'm totally confused. is it possible that other affiliate programs get significantly better rates than azoogle does?

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    okay, something that confounds me even further... their first offer is for blockbuster online, so i went to blockbuster's site, and read about their affiliate program.. they pay out $18 to affiliates.... that's a $32 loss... i'm now totally confused, and for some reason i doubt anyone will have any explanations

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    Apply this to the others you said.

    eBay pays a base tier rate of $20/registration.

    If you do 7,500+ per month you earn $45/registration.

    So azoogleads offers the same offer but at $30/registration.

    You make more than you [probably] would, azoogleads makes more because they aggregate all their publishers to one account making more per registration.

    I assume that is the same for those offers also.
    New website released. ya rly!

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    blockbuster doesn't have a tier system, and that site wasn't offering the ebay offer (they also definitely don't look like they get enough traffic to be getting 7500 signups per month). i'm really baffled as to how they make money off this, i almost feel like emailing them and asking =P

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