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Thread: Payment Gateways and OSCommerce

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    Payment Gateways and OSCommerce

    Hi all! I'm trying to get an OSCommerce site setup for a friend's business who already has an established merchant account at a local bank. The bank claims to use Vital Processing to accept credit card transactions. Is anyone familiar with them and more importantly, how to interface with them in OSCommerce? I haven't found a contribution or anything yet for it, but I would also appreciate just a good tutorial on how to set this stuff up in OSCommerce. So far Paypal is really the only thing I've used. Thanks.

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    You will need to use a gateway to connect to vital processing and the connect oscommerce to that gateway. That's should be too difficult to do being modules for every major gateway have been written for oscommerce. See if the merchant account provider can set up an gateway for them.
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    IT'S HERE: Integrate the Payment Gateway with PHP
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