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Thread: Please review my content

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    Please review my content

    I have a website for which I have been working on SEO for a long time , I need to to be Place on top 10 for the keyword 'India seo " or "SEO India "

    but I have not achieved it so far , Even I have 54 Links on Google which is some what similar as other websites ranking on the same keyword .

    Please review my content and tell me where Im commiting mistake

    url is

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    I'm noticing a bit of a lack of PR (only 3 vs 6s and 5s) and your articles 'at a glance' are showing n/a for PR. Maybe increase the links to your website linking with those two terms. This'll help you be listed better ignoring PR (and also in other engines like MSN), and increase your PR.

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    Why does your homapage redirect to 1.htm?

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