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Thread: Looking for a host that can grow with my site

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    Looking for a host that can grow with my site

    I'm launching a WordPress site next month that I believe will grow faster than expected. I'm not sure what's the best choice for hosting. I currently have a VPS host (who I really like as a host - they're local with killer support) and I'm not sure if that's the best route or not. My current VPS (2gb ram) has multiple failures a day with automatic restarts. It's hosting a one multisite install (with 3 active subsites, 4-5 inactive subsites and less than 100 visitors a day total on average), a second site with 60-70 visitors a day and 2 other sites that are lucky to get one visitor a day. The failures have me concerned that 1 site 300-500 members and 1000 hits a day will need a lot more resource-wise than what I have now. I don't think that there's that huge a load on it (though maybe the multisite is a resource hog?). So I'm really not sure which way to go - and perhaps it's because I don't understand hosting that well. A distributed grid sounds cool, but does it work in practice? Is eventually getting a dedicated server unavoidable? What the hell do sites that have a lot of members and traffic do?

    What can you say about bitcoin dedicated servers for rent hosting? Any reviews? Other hosts? All advice will be appreciated - I'm planning on launching my site, I need to get this squared away ASAP. Thanks!

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    Great service, support is always prompt and helpful. Their control panel has a myriad of things you can add to your web site - from blogs to forums, cron jobs, and choices of webmail and many other things I don't even know what the heck they are. And the c-panel makes it very easy to navigate everything for someone who doesn't know too much about the intricate workings of webhosts and servers.

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    Well, Zak Servers offers nice DMCA ignore servers, offshore streaming servers, Or Netherlands, Bulgaria servers or any other of the supported locations.
    They also offer Monero XMR servers as recently they have started to accept Monero XMR as a payment method too.
    Their team can help you to move all content (files, scripts, mysql) from another host without downtime for free.

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    A dedicated server is necessary for those who need rapid response from the technical support.
    So I would have to recommend server hosting, highly, based on my experience thus far. Uptime is great and I am quite happy with them.
    Sometimes these servers are rented because for any project to work, you will have to use a software program conflicting or not working with the parallel online projects of the user.

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    Servers from and are well-balanced and low cost.
    When I've needed support I've been impressed with speedy responses and found your support team to be accessible, helpful and most importantly both pleasant and patient.

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