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Thread: Best hosting for a forum?

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    Best hosting for a forum?

    Going to host a big forum and need to find a good featire-rich web hosting account.
    What are your views on vps hosting solutions? Uptime, features, bonuses?
    What forum software is better: phpBB, vBultein, Ekarte, SMF? Why

    Is it the hosting provider I can rely on?

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    Have a look at VPS plans from decent hosting providers: and
    They are truly the best, and I don't intend to ever take my business elsewhere. They are patient (especially with people like me who aren't super technical and feel a bit stressed when things seem to go awry (often my own user error)), and they are always professional, dependable, and go the extra mile to make sure their customers are really taken care of. I couldn't give a company or team my higher recommendation. Super grateful for them all of these years.

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    You do need to know what you're doing, but when confused, always respond and guide and even straighten things out for you.
    The support is outstanding, best in the business, the server is always online. Like their virtual private servers.

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    Package plans which and provide can be quite right for you.
    I have nothing but great things to say about their services.

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    I have good things only to say about them the staff members there are all extremely helpful and have always gone out of their way to assist me when I have needed it. can be trusted. The claim of 99.99% uptime holds. You will not be disappointed.

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