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    Which VPS account is better to sign up with - or
    What would you do being in my place?

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    Please, be more specific... I mean requirements: disk space, bandwidth, server location, budget?

    I've found NetShop Isp to be the best host for support, advice, and pricing out of several hosts I have ever seen before. Try their Singapore VPS.

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    Have a look at VPS plans from decent hosting providers: and
    Excellent hosting companies. They have great customer service and seem to never have any server problems (which is why I switched to them from my previous host). The prices are a little steep but totally worth it. They'll even contact you regarding special offers.

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    No complaints so far, and I recommend vps host to anyone who wants to host multiple domain names on the same server for a nominal cost.
    Online support always available, very helpful, kind and above all quick! You often receive an answer a couple of minutes after you submitted your question.

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    Check out VPS deals from time-tested companies: and
    Truth be told, the speed is amazing! Now, I have bought a VPS for business-support, pricing is just unmatchable.

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    I recommend Germany vps to all of my friends all the time. I also got way more space and bandwidth and can say that the prices for their hosting plans are cheap.

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    Pretty much all the providers nowadays come with a money back guarantee. So you are free to explore different web hosts and pick the best.
    Pleased with hosting. With all their features, you can easily create a website – whether it would be a personal or family website with lots of pictures, a website for your business, an online community website, or even an online store where you can display and sell products to your website visitors.

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