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Thread: Recommended Shopping Carts

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    Recommended Shopping Carts

    Anyone have any recommended shopping cart solutions? I prefer a .net and IIS solution. I have used storefront a handful of times throughout the years and it works fairly well.

    What is everyone's thoughts on hosted solutions like Yahoo? I like it but I hate not having full control.

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    As you say, it's nice to be in full control which is why I'd stay clear of Yahoo. But not having used it, I couldn't expand on that.

    Unfortunately, I've had no experience with microsoft solutions either. However, if you're tempted to cross over to PHP, then I recommend OSCommerce or ZenCart. Both are really nice, though I do find ZenCart much easier to modify than OSCommerce. But you're probably not interested in them anyway being PHP, so I'll shut up!

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    I was just looking at OSCommerce a few minutes ago, and I must say I am impressed.. Looks great. I don't want to move to another language until I have learned the one I started on... so I think I will keep up hunting for Microsoft solutions.

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