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    Which server should I have a deal with - or

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    Well, just do a comparison research to get a well-marked picture of true web hosts.

    I’d highly recommend and also to any webmaster looking for reliable dedicated server host.
    Reliability has been 100%. Reasonable price, reliable service and good tech support - its a trifecta!

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    Servers from and are well-balanced and cheap.
    Reasonably priced and good support. Servers are fast and dependable.

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    I used to have different hosts, and had a lot of problems with down time, especially email. It was killing us and so I researched hosts based on uptime and price, looking for a new home. I chose affordable servers about five months ago and they have been all that I could hope for, with absolutely no problems since I moved to their hosting service. Without doubt, you can't go wrong with these guys. I'm a very happy!

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    Now, people no longer believe that cheap hosting plans are synonymous with low quality and poor service. It can never be stressed to highly enough that nowadays, cheap web hosting plans does not necessarily mean poor quality and service. The best place to search for affordable web site hosting plans is the internet itself. In this kind of tight spot, it is good to evaluate well the web hosting providers.

    Try servers. I get low cost, good service and no problems. They have been around a while and I like and trust them.

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    Check out servers from decent hosting providers: and
    They rock:
    1. speedy servers
    2. very responsive sales and support team
    3. features are not too restrictive (like max upload file size)
    4. competitive price... So far I am very glad I am with them now.

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    Very reasonable monthly charge also. is great budget dedicated server hosting provider with good pricing and unique features! Best technical support I have ever had.

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