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Thread: Hotel offers

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    Hotel offers

    For those who believe life will go on post coronavirus, there's quite a few good deals kicking around at the moment.

    H10 hotels have a 20% off code (costa20) for all their med bookings and 25% off (Ocean25) for their caribbean bookings.

    Riu Hotel group are currently giving a 15% off with code 15RC and Free Cancellation included with most.

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    It's great to see some discounts popping up as we look forward to life after COVID-19. For anyone planning a trip to Miami, these deals could come in handy. And if you're wondering Miami where to stay, you might want to check out the 5 best areas listed in the article. Happy travels, everyone!

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    Good to know we've got options worldwide for some travel redemption. Whether it's the Med, the Caribbean, or Down Under, there's a deal for every type of traveler right now.

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    That's some awesome info you've shared! The travel bug is definitely biting, especially now that things are starting to normalize post-COVID. Those deals sound like a steal, and the free cancellation policies are a good touch given the uncertainties we've been facing.

    Speaking of great deals, if anyone's looking to head down to Australia, broadbeach accommodation has some excellent offers too. These packages often include extras like free breakfast, late checkout, and they even have some special promotions for multi-night stays. Plus, the location is a dream near the beach and tons of dining options. Just what you need for a proper Gold Coast experience!

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