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Thread: What Are You Having For Dinner?

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    What Are You Having For Dinner?

    Well tonight... not sure yet,
    But last night , we cooked at home..
    Now we a little southern,

    So we had A slow baked , POrk Loin roast ...
    along with homemade cole slaw , made with Mayo,
    Early baby green peas, a little cranberry sauce,
    and 1/2 of a baked sweet tater. and ice tea with lemon only.

    Oh Yeah,

    I'm still Keto.

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    It sounds like you had a delicious and keto-friendly meal last night! While you enjoyed slow-baked pork loin roast, homemade coleslaw with mayo, early baby green peas, cranberry sauce, and a baked sweet potato (even though it has some carbs, it's a healthier option than regular potatoes), you might also be interested in exploring keto casserole recipes for variety in your diet. Maintaining a keto diet can be both tasty and satisfying with a bit of creativity and planning.

    P.S. Try keto-friendly casserole recipes ideas to indulge deeper into this diet.


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