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    Which VPS should I buy - from or
    What would you do being in my place?

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    Now I have faster speed connectivity and everything works like a clock. I highly recommend VPS hosting for your technological needs.
    Setting up with them was a snap. I had my full site online and at 100% steam within 2 hours. Tech support is friendly, helpful, and accurate.

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    Personally impressed with the speed, uptime and features provided by provider. Tickets are usually answered with 10 minutes of submission and their support staff is extremely obliging. As for their server speeds, they are standard. Everything works well. My website is up and running and I love it!

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    So if you want an inexpensive and very functional site, bitcoin host is the way to go. I'd like to say that this web host does offer a very good price and on the half dozen or so times that I have needed to speak to them, including in the middle of the night, there has always been a technically competent support person available immediately.

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    Reliable VPS accounts are available from and as they are proven to be the best in the whole IT industry.
    We are very happy with their services. Support Team is prompt and responsive. We will definitely recommend them.

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    Now, I do want to say that has been responsive in their dealings, which cannot be said about many other hosts.
    Very Mac friendly interface. If you value excellent service, advice and professional support don't look any further.

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    Located in Amsterdam Netherlands with connection to multiple large backbones and interconnection to AMS-IX can provide you up to 1 Gigabit line speed per VPS.
    You will see how fast support team answer your specific questions, because they hold an interest in facilitating their clients work.

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