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Thread: Choosing a right VPS account

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    Choosing a right VPS account

    What's the best VPS provider?
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    Please, be more specific... I mean requirements: disk space, bandwidth, server location, budget?
    Nice VPS hosting solutions are offered by, and also providers.
    The thing that really has impressed me is the willingness of the support staff to take the time to explain things to a newbie who asks very basic questions.

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    Why not give NetShop Isp solutions a try?
    Try free trial VPS program:
    Locations: Cyprus, Malta, UK, Netherlands, US, Singapore. KVM-based VPS on low-contingency servers and dedicated resources on each VPS.

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    Attractive VPS accounts from and are worth every cent you pay for their services.
    They are cool, help you in solving your problem, reply to query quickly and made your job easy. Cheers & their Teams ROCK !!!!!

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    A reliable host will ensure that your site is always available and that visitors will enjoy a smooth performance.
    You can rely on vps hosting - It has done a great job at evaluating the competition and narrowing it down to a handful of highly qualified services.

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    VPS plans from and are worth trying.
    Very good services and support with low rate are available from them.

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    I would recommend them to anyone and also do as I build websites for people and often use cheap vps.
    The sales process was super quick and nice and the account was setup and running within 20 mins. I have been with them for about a year.

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    Reliable VPS accounts from and are worth trying.
    They are reliable and very honest hosts. They do everything that they claim and keep their promises. The cPanel works well and has tons of features which are always updated and additions are always made, unlike my old hosts who never changed. They always update their servers to the latest version. Support is good and reliable and all of their features have been useful to me on my site.

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    Why not give cheap vps a try?
    Their uptime is fantastic and ability to upgrade and downgrade is a plus!
    Rock solid control panel.

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