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Thread: Social Media Problem: Fake Pages To Your Site

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    Social Media Problem: Fake Pages To Your Site

    Fake Facebook page warning as pretend steam railway account tries to lure families

    A volunteer-led tourist attraction is warning of the dangers of fake Facebook pages that are being continually set up in its name.

    Telford Steam Railway, which runs the hugely popular Polar Express at Christmas, says it is doing what it can to report problems but bosses want people to be alert.

    The fake pages have been trying to scam people by tagging them and pretending that they have won a competition to win tickets to both Shrewsbury Food Festival and The Polar Express train ride.

    "We have already contacted the winners of the competition, so we do not want people to fall for this," said Ben Hopkinson, the railway''s volunteer events manager.

    "We do not know who it is who has been doing this but as soon as we see one popping up we delete, block and report. But as soon as we deal with one, another one appears. We are doing our best as a volunteer organisation to keep on top of it."

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    thanks for warning!

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    It's really disheartening to hear about the fake Facebook pages causing trouble for Telford Steam Railway. As a volunteer-led tourist attraction, they work hard to provide a fantastic experience for families, especially during events like the Polar Express at Christmas. I think there are platforms that are much more secure. For example on Twitch, there is no such problem. But the only difficulty may be at the beginning of your streamer career. When not many people know you yet, you may need the help of cheapest twitch followers. Later, it will be easier for you to develop on your own. And it's great to see that Ben Hopkinson and the team are actively trying to address this issue by contacting the winners of the competition and taking necessary actions against the fake pages.

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