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Thread: Super cheap VPS hosting solutions?

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    Super cheap VPS hosting solutions?

    I've been searching various hosts, nothing I've tried seems to work for me in terms of free for a webpage. I'm going to pay but want to get the following:
    1) Text pages, sort of a medical information site, includes probably about 15 pages of links for solid medical info (like anemias, vitamins, stomach, nerd research articles, etc.) alone. Otherwise probably 25 in total.
    2) Some screenshot images of some pdf's. A number of these would be like 100K or less or so.
    3) Would need something to help me create the site. I'm an Oracle person not a web person but I can wing some small HTML type stuff.
    4) Don't need tons of space, tons of graphics, or MySQL, etc. Ability to contact me from the site would be a good, maybe a form type email but otherwise that's it. No forums or lots of people, this is specialized. Don't need a domain name either.
    5) Do want month to month payments if possible or low cost yearly plan types.

    Suggestions? What are your views on VPS solutions? Are they reliable?


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    826 and VPS plans are worth your attention.
    Great hosts with fast servers and fast network connections. Very helpful and friendly support.
    Reliability -Never Goes Down
    Technical Support - Always Respond
    Customer Service & Billing - will email before billing and after billing consistently
    Server & Net Speed - always optimal
    Price & Value for Money - Great pricing.

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    Not sure if they are super cheap, but you can have a look at them:

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    VPS plans from and are worth trying.
    They have a brilliant Support team, always there to help. Super easy to use and fully featured.

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    I've had nothing but success when working with NETSHOP team of experts. Very kind, easy to work with, and exceptional service and value.
    Like their cheap fast hosting with free cPanel & domain. The perfect host!

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    The most impressive aspect of is the reaction time for technical queries. Uptime is great and I am quite happy with their vps hosting. Recommended.

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    Specialization means that the provider knows what they're doing, since they only offer a limited range of products; or it can mean that the provider's business plan is focused on only that range.

    Well, cheap vps will work fine for your needs. Very reliable and fast friendly technical support.
    My expectations are always exceeded. The network and server uptime is really great - 99.9% is correct!

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