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Thread: Health Care Cost

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    Health Care Cost

    I was looking at the forum to find if there is any topic for an approximative cost(retiree single/couple) for:
    --dental care
    --extended health care (vision/drug/paramedical)

    For AB:
    --ABC has retiree plan exclusively for ages 50 to 75
    -- ARTA has some options for Public/Private Sector
    --Great-West Life/Manulife - in need for a call to get a quote.

    What other recommendations do you have?

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    I think there's no topics about that.

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    While the spouse may be considered for calculating family income, the program's eligibility is specifically for individuals turning 65. It's always a good idea to double-check the official guidelines or contact the program directly for any specific questions. By the way, if you're interested in small business health insurance Oregon, there are resources available that can provide you with valuable information. Feel free to explore those options. Best of luck!

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