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Thread: Searching for cPanel hosting

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    Searching for cPanel hosting

    I'm looking for the hosting solution with these specs:
    25GBs - space, 500Gbs - transfer!
    any experience with SSD VPS hosting? Have found them via google search and their hosting plans and price for them meet my needs.
    So, are they trustworthy? What should I know before choosing a host?

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    Plans from and are worthwhile.
    Every time I have had questions they have been very quick to help me out and very specific in their answers.
    I have nothing but great things to say about their services.

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    Happy with host. I've multiple sites hosted (note to admin domain referenced is not the primary) and have never experienced any noticable downtime.
    Support staff ROCKS!!! EVERY time I have a request, problem or issue I get an answer or a response quicker than if I could do things myself.

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