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Thread: Video streaming managed vps?

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    Video streaming managed vps?

    I'm looking for web hosting provider that supports video streaming hosting.
    I've seen that has good reputation for managed vps.
    But how reliable and good are they for streaming video hosting?
    Any experience?

    What other providers can be good for this?

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    I am a 100%-happy customer and I can highly recommend for anyone who needs reliable, stable and quality hosting service.
    They are far and away the best. I've gotten very quick and very good response on the few occasions I've needed support.

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    You know isn't the only company which is able to satisfy all your needs, is worth your attention due to their top-notch services.
    I would recommend them to anybody, they are very understanding, even if you are not a computer geek. They made the transition very simple and helped along the way when help was needed. They respond to questions very quickly, unlike a lot of other companies!

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    This hosting provider has been very good about support issues. I'm the webmaster for several sites, and I'll be moving all of them to web servers.
    Got responses from three different people who can communicate effectively in english, and know what they sell.

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    I really enjoy my hosting experience dealing with - it is TOP web host.
    For the new user also the online help section is very useful and overall the marketing suite they have is much better than those on offer elsewhere.

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    VPS plans from and are worth trying.
    They have almost all the answers we had needed. For last but not least their up-time services is among the leaders. Great Hosting.

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    No complaints so far, and I recommend web host to anyone who wants to host multiple domain names on the same server for a nominal cost.
    Saving one or two dollars per month is not worth the loss of a few hundred or a few thousand dollars when your site goes down.

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