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Thread: Good VPS is needed

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    Good VPS is needed

    Don't need tons of space, tons of graphics, or MySQL, etc. Ability to contact me from the site would be a good, maybe a form type email but otherwise that's it. No forums or lots of people, this is specialized. Don't need a domain name either. Suggestions? What are your views on SSD VPS hosting and also SSL Certificates? Is it good?

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    VPS deals from and are worth every cent you pay for their services.
    Any hosting company can brag about their uptime and reliability, but these people really deliver the goods. Their pricing is a great value. Their speed is rock solid. And they are just really good people to deal with.

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    I signed up with web host and everything went very smooth. The uptime is very good and I haven't faced any problems yet.
    I've yet to have a single problem that wasn't taken care of well and instantly, even when the problem was due to my lack of understanding. They never hesitated to help and always make things right.

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    VPS deals from and
    I judge about that basing on my experience which is only positive.
    It's good to know they also provide some useful apps which help to run websites smoothly and reliably.The price is fairly decent.

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    Sites are always up and run as fast. No issues with viruses or hackers. Recommend ssd vps to other webmasters looking for reliable place to host their web sites.

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    Server locations: Switzerland, Germany, USA. Happy with provider. The support is good and fast. My site's performance is great.

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    I'm happy with service. Have to rely on their tech support to set up certain settings, but they are very willing to do so, and they do it promptly upon request.

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