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Thread: Right server provider ...

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    Right server provider ...

    Should I use a server from or
    Any ideas?

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    How large is your website and what are its storage needs? What's your hosting budget?
    If you want excellent, prompt customer service for a very reasonable annual fee, then I recommend instant server hosting. 17 locations to choose from.

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    Have a look at plans from and as their servers are well-balanced and cheap.
    The technical support at them is always great. Their prices are on the high end for the overall service, however.

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    Believe dedicated hosting will work great. It's unbelievable to get such great service at such a cheap price.
    They have top-notch customer service, responding to trouble tickets immediately and consistently.

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    Why not give budget dedicated server a try?
    I've only written in to the support staff to talk about upgrading my package, as my site has expanded greatly on their servers.
    They upgraded my hosting accounts within 10 minutes. Recommended.

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    462 and services are worth every cent you pay for their services.
    The support is great and everyone is very helpful.
    Prices are modest.

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    Take a look at - Servers are powerful enough for your business applications to run fast and efficiently.

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    I'm paying half of what I was paying at my other host! It places high value on customer support and it shows.
    I must admit, the guys over at seemed to do everything in their power that they could to get the situation resolved.

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