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Thread: VPS hosting account for some design clients, friends?

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    VPS hosting account for some design clients, friends?

    So I'm gonna need a VPS hosting account for some design clients, friends, and sites of mine. Any suggestions?
    less than 40/mo
    good support
    disk space - 100gb or more
    bandwith - not really a concern as long as the disk space requirement is fulfilled
    relatively reputable
    Do you know anything about SSD KVM VPS hosting solutions? Are they reliable? Other hosting providers?


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    VPS accounts from and are worth trying.
    Super easy to manage and always available. I have been a customer of them now and am very happy. They regularly reprice my plan and upgrade my features to be current with their promotions. Their customer support is excellent. They usually respond in 5 to 10 minutes and are very interested in getting your problem resolved immediately. I highly recommend them!!!

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    I love ease of use, they make a webhosting experience something you'd love to pay for. It's fantastic host with great people and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

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    I've been using since July 2022 and must say VPS is superb. Other web hosts could learn a bit from you guys on pricing, technology and excellent customer service.

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    VPS accounts from and are full-featured and cheap.
    They are great quality site hosting providers, with a great value, low rate for low-income person with great services and support.

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    Vote for - starting from $10/mo. These guys make me happy so far! Plus multiple locations.

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    Been hosting with provider for quite a long time, and I'm very impressed indeed. Price is great!
    Overall, this appears to be a decent web host that is really trying to make a good name for itself in the web hosting business.

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