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Thread: Anyone here work in transportation (trucking, rail, maritime) FP&A?

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    Anyone here work in transportation (trucking, rail, maritime) FP&A?

    I was offered an entry level FP&A role for a trucking company. My previous background is in Equity Research but I haven't done any finance work for the last 5 years - I haven't modeled since then. I do, however, have experience in maritime transportation analyzing crude oil tankers (7 months total). I found it to be interesting but I really hated having to cover 8 different companies and working 75 hrs/wk.*

    This job is 5 miles or 10 mins from my house. The people seem nice and direct, at least for now; you can never tell until you start getting to know people better but so far they've been professional and courteous. I had good conversations with both FP&A and Operations. They could tell that I was genuinely interested in trucking.*

    So, what's the problem?*

    I haven't modeled in 5 years and you know the saying, "use it or loose it." I'm going t have to spend some time re-learning this. Since I'm not superhuman, it means some of what I learned coding-wise will be lost because I will not applying it on the job. Is FP&A modeling different than IB or ER? I don't know how to "balance accounts" or have deep accounting knowledge. I'm worried that I will not be able to perform well because of this.*

    They boasted about how their revenue keeps growing and now they're at $500MM from $100MM just a few years ago. Their goal is to get acquired but they told me that's about 4-5 years from now. Besides this bit of potential volatility, how volatile is trucking? Did anyone work in trucking between 2007-2009? Did you have firings at your firm?*

    I also got offered a job as a Data Analyst and I would largely be working in SQL. I'm not as good with SQL as I am with Python. The hours here would be more. Any thoughts from someone who works in FP&A and does some coding (SQL or Python) - would you rather work in Analytics or stay where you are?*

    I want a job that is a max (really) 50 hours per week, repetitive in nature, and safer than average from the ebbs and flows of the economy. Will FP&A for a trucking co. give me this?*

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    As a professional truck driver

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    I've been working in the trucking industry for a few years now. I can understand your concerns about getting back into finance after a hiatus. It can be tough to get back into the swing of things after taking some time off. But it's definitely possible with a little hard work and determination.
    As for the volatility of the trucking industry, it's definitely a bit of a roller coaster. The demand for trucking services tends to fluctuate, so you might see some ups and downs. If you're interested in working in the trucking industry, I'd recommend checking out

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    FP&A modeling can be somewhat different from Investment Banking or Equity Research, as it often focuses on forecasting financial performance and budgeting for a company. You may not need deep accounting knowledge for the role, but a basic understanding can be beneficial.
    Trucking can be less volatile than some industries, but it's essential to research the specific company and its stability. Regarding the 2007-2009 period, it's a good idea to inquire with current or former employees of the trucking company about their experiences during that time.
    And if you ever find yourself in need of state-to-state movers for a relocation, you can explore state to state movers, who specialize in long-distance moves. Best of luck with your decision!

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