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Thread: Travel rollator/wheelchair

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    Travel rollator/wheelchair

    Hi everyone,
    I have secondary progressive MS and I am looking for recommendations/advice on a good rollator/wheelchair for travelling. Iíve had a couple of bad experiences using the airport assistance so thought it might be easier to travel with my own. I can currently walk short distances using walking poles but Iím ready (I think!) to embrace additional help to allow me to make the most of travelling. There are a lot to choose from so all advice greatfully received. Thank you

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    Model excellent behavior, tolerance, and acceptance of others. Even if it's not true, consider the possibility that they're simply having a bad day.

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    I haven't seen an OT because my GP recommended wheelchair services. Sadly, my local council has stated that they would not support an electric wheelchair if the user can take a step and will not fund a manual chair unless the user lives on a property accessible to impaired people. Without that, you can't use projects like Additionally, they don't have any accessible properties for anyone under 50 who is harmed. I carry furniture around my home, or if I'm awful, my partner will take me. A disabled shower that was installed has genuinely changed people's lives.

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