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Thread: Proxy Server As Hostname

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    Proxy Server As Hostname


    Iíve got a customer trying to install an eWon Cosy 131 (EC61330 w/ 14.1 s0) we sent them that was pre-configured to use DHCP. Upon trying to get it online, the plant tech was told by his IT department he needed to configure the device to use a proxy server, and could only provide him with the hostname of the server. The deviceís web interface will only allow the IP address of a proxy server to be added; what would be the best way to get around this?

    I have no knowledge of the plantís network systems, and very little knowledge of proxy servers in general. If the eWon unit cannot be configured to point to the proxy serverís hostname, is there information I could give to their IT department to make this work, or would I have to find another device that can accept a hostname for the proxy server and put that between the eWon and the customerís network?


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    Where can I find more info about this Nice Label Proxy Service 2017?

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    Convert Host to IP has been created to help you find an IP address. The process of looking up an IP address is done by looking up DNS (Domain Name Servers) until a match is found for the domain name. Many tools can do this task. One of these is Just paste your URL into the input field above and click the "Check" button, and you will get the IP address and hostname from your URL. TCP/IP nameservers use cache memory to look up hostnames and networks more efficiently. Instead of doing a hostname lookup every time it receives a request, the nameserver looks in its cache to see if it has already resolved that hostname.

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