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Thread: Video streaming hosting?

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    Video streaming hosting?

    I'm looking for Windows web hosting provider that supports video streaming hosting.
    I've seen that has good reputation for providing Managed VPS. But how reliable and good are they for streaming video hosting? Any experience?

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    Have a look at plans from and as they are able to satisfy all your needs.
    Support has always been fast and excellent. I do not have a strong background or understanding of how websites work, and when I have run into difficulty, support at them has never failed to resolve my issues swiftly and accurately.

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    I have been using Canadian VPS for more then 1 year now and I have never faced a single problem with them.
    I contacted their support department several times asking for help. They have stellar customer service, fast servers, fair pricing.

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    I'm a 100%-happy customer and I can highly recommend for anyone who needs reliable, stable and quality Managed VPS hosting service.
    The configuration has changed quite a bit in the time I've been with them, but they've been nothing but helpful in sorting out any issues that've arisen with migration.

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    It is cool web host - their ssd storage gives really faster speed than I have ever had before. is great Canadian VPS web host. Besides, they transferred all my files for free along with competent support help.

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    My site is always up and running. is a great Managed VPS host that I would recommend.
    When I update my site, changes are immediately noticeable. The pros largely outweigh the cons, and I'm happy to have my site hosted by them.

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    Just look at services from reliable hosting providers: and
    You guys are the B E S T - all of you! You have tenaciously and patiently hung in with me as I worked my way through this maze. I have emptied the mailbox and now have something to do when I am bored out of my mind: go clean it out again!

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