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Thread: Distance progression, form & muscle

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    Distance progression, form & muscle

    I have watched and read a lot of videos and posts about form and how people gain distance. I have heard a lot of people comment about the importance of form and not so much about muscle.

    Form is king because without it no amount of muscle can outdo pure form alone. That said, just having good or pure form without the right muscles doesn't equate to great distance. It requires both. You don't see people in general who start off and perfect their form and suddenly they are throwing 500+ feet. Pros throw far because their form is quite pure but so also is the muscular aspect of that form to accelerate with explosiveness. I'm not sure what the mass of a disc is at release but I do know the more explosive one is and faster one can accelerate it the greater the muscles are that are required to hold onto the disc and pull it through. It's the biggest reason men can throw farther than women in general. Men and women can possess the same pure form but the muscular strength of a man gives him the edge distance wise.

    Now, what I am interested in is why is so much stress placed on improving form versus improving muscular explosiveness? I'm rather new in this sport but with my own progression I have noticed that getting my muscles to respond and be explosive into acceleration are just as important as form, if not more so. That doesn't mean I'm strong arming it but rather training and building the right muscle to respond to the form I'm trying to attain. After a round of rather extensive distance training I notice certain parts of my body are fatigued and sore and I look at the video and see my form is okay for a newbie. After I recover a few days (I'm 47) and go throw again I usually notice that it's easier to throw for distance. I look at the video and my form is the same, just more explosive.

    Is it just me or are we hyperfocused on form and forgetting muscular training?

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    It is not just you. Me as well.

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    Hello, my friend! I have been wanting to discuss this topic for a long time, because I do sports professionally and therefore I often think about this topic. Recently I saw it on the website where bodybuilders discuss and vote for form or muscles. Personally, I think that shape is more important than muscles, since it is not so difficult to pump up muscles. As a result, each person chooses his own path and what is more important or easier for him to do. I understand such people and respect their choice, so I keep my opinion to myself and only share it with you. Good luck to everyone!

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