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Thread: Need VPS advice

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    Need VPS advice

    I have wordpress site with 250000 UV monthly. Not to much plugins
    No big peaks and max user in same time is about 350.
    Site have about 1000 pages, mostly text and pictures. Also some add delivery by adsense.
    Please can someone recommend proper VPS resource. And some good provider in India...
    Any information on OpenVZ VPS Solutions?

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    If you are looking for reliable, fast and secure services the solution is OpenVZ VPS.
    I am particularly impressed with the support services who answered me within a few minutes and did everything possible to help me.

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    498 (BLKWEEK30) and VPS plans are provided on sweet terms.
    I was very happy with the speed and the website security they provided. I was also very happy with their prices and the general customer's interface.

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    Highly recommend for anyone looking for reliable hosting and support services.
    The service is excellent. I'm particularly impressed with the support services who answered me within a few minutes and did everything possible to help me.

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    It may seem a bit irresistible to search and compare different webhosting packages - the hosting market is so competitive.
    You'll not regret a thing if you choose Serbia VPS. They have stellar customer service, fast servers, fair pricing.

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    Accounts from and are good enough to sign up with.
    They are great in all aspects!
    1. Speed is very good. Tested on pingdom and found load time is 3s without cache .
    2. Live chat support is ok.
    3.Ticket response is sometimes quick and slow depending on work time I think.
    4. Uptime is good.

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    Give OpenVZ VPS a try. The reliability is stellar, the machines aren't cramped with as many clients as possible, and the performance is top-notch.

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