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Thread: 2002 GX Nissan Patrol , Mystery

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    2002 GX Nissan Patrol , Mystery

    The Mystery is, This vehicle has done 300.000 KM it has presented a real problem, it has a new starter, new glow plugs , new heavy duty battery, On a cold morning it will not start the click of the relay is heard ,the glow plug light is on and when it turns over it turns very slow like the battery is almost flat. roll it down hill and instant start then turn around ,park and turn off and it will start and run all day perfectly,does anyone know if the relay can appear to operate but not be sending current to the glow plugs and why the starter turns over slowly all on a cold morning, a jump start makes no difference,

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    Nissan is a good car, but it's old.

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    Hello, welcome to the forum. I'm new here too. However, I can say that your GX Nissan Patrol already needs to be sold. I would not invest money to repair such a car, given its mileage of 300k kilometers. It's better to sell it and buy some newer models, especially since there are sites with jdm imports now. You can find any Japanese car model there for a different price. It all depends on the model year and, of course, the condition. I periodically visit such sites and look through the catalog there. Maybe someday I will finally get myself a new Japanese car.

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