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Thread: podcast and shoutcast hosting?

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    podcast and shoutcast hosting?

    I have a client who needs podcast and shoutcast hosting services for his new project.
    The idea he is going to implement into reality is perfect, so I decided to help him to find such a host.
    I know offers nice hosting solutions, but don't really know how good it for this.
    How do you find their pricing? Have you ever used its shoutcast and podcast hosting services?
    What other places do you know for such hosting services?

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    Accounts from and are full-featured and low cost.
    They are the most responsive when you contact them about some technical issues-- they contact you within minutes of your request and even went so far as to instruct you step-by-step about settings for your iPhone! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a dependable host site with responsive, technical and 'real people' support.

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    For about 10 months now we've had our plesk hosting with web host. Everything works well. Excellent, quality hosting with quality support. Just contact them.

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    I immediately noticed an improvement in speed when I switch to web servers.
    The service is wonderful, their packages are priced competitively, and their product is the best I've used thus far.

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    Check out deals from and
    Besides their low prices and constant solidity, I must emphasize the astounding speed and precision of their Technical Support... they answer within the hour and always provide a solution!

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    You won't go wrong with cpanel web host. I frequently ask questions of their support staff on all different topics and they are always patient and helpful.
    I have also found the control panel very easy to use making the first setup and config there after quick.

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    I've tried 5 different web hosts to date and the reason I chose and have continued to stay with is their customer service.
    They moved my website in one day and one of their support guys actually called me on the phone to help me with any questions I had regarding their service.

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