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Thread: Communitiy mailbox key gets stuck in the lock, what can I do?

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    Communitiy mailbox key gets stuck in the lock, what can I do?

    They key will go in but doesn't come out, easily, I'm afraid it will get stuck soon. What can I do? HOA does nothing for me here...

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    USPS will charge you a "decent" amount if the mailbox is broken or has visible damages. A spray lubricant might be an option, but it has a sharp smell, and the black, oily liquid can eventually flow out of the lock. A more primitive solution would be to keep the ice pressed against the key for 30 seconds. The ice makes the metal lock contract, and then the stuck key becomes free, especially if the lock pins held the burrs. Carefully turn the key and take it out. I suggest hiring locksmith services like locksmith e6, with qualified and skillful specialists.

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