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Thread: Copy files causes 100% CPU load

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    Copy files causes 100% CPU load

    I have a strange problem. Copying files through Windows 11 causes my CPU frequency to go to its maximum and Task Manager Performance tab says CPU is at 100% utilization. Simultaneously Details tab says System Idle Process is at 98%. I have installed the latest drivers from MSI Center. This happens when I copy files from all drives, external and internal. What could be the problem?

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    I would also like to know what is causing such problems

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    It is why I don't keep files on my computer. If the computer is overloaded with files, it starts to run slower, and the CPU is overheated. I am using as a cloud service for keeping all my files. It is more comfortable than storing your data on the SSD of your computer. First of all, I like that it has unlimited storage, and I can share the files on my storage with anyone just by providing a link. In my opinion, it is a handy service, especially if you have to share files with people often.

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