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Thread: Miscarriage at 8 months, headed to vet

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    Miscarriage at 8 months, headed to vet

    Hey all, this is a little last minute so you might not have time to weigh in, but my mare just miscarried her foal at 8 months and I am hauling her to the vet this afternoon for a check up. What questions do I need to ask and what tests/exams do I really need to push for? This would have been approximately her fifth foal, I believe. I bought her in June after she had just been bred. I've been putting my heart and soul into her pre-natal care, so I know it's not a nutrient deficiency or visible illness. She is not registered so her age (15) is an estimate.

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    Oh, so sorry.

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    The situation is quite strange. Strange that your mare aborted its foal in the 8th month. The only questions you could ask the vet are why your mare aborted the foal in the 8th month and what problems it has. Give the vet all the details, and he will give you the right answers to your questions. Pets should be taken to the vet regularly. Maybe if you had taken her to the vet in time, she would not have ended up in such situations, and now you would have had a foal. If you can't find a good vet, on is a list of veterinarians emergency very good that can help you.

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