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Thread: Flex daily zone confused and keeps watering

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    Flex daily zone confused and keeps watering

    My system has been working well for years but occasionally it goes haywire and this is one of those cases. Iíve not made any changes recently but almost every night lately itís been watering even though the moisture graph shows itís not needed. Normally I reboot the Iro and things go back to normal but itís frustrating when this occurs as the system should be able to detect/fix this on itís own and not wait for me to notice the steady stream of water going down the drain. Hereís one of the zones doing this:

    Since the original post Iíve reboot the Iro and changed the start time to 12:30am. Iíve done no manual watering for weeks nor made any other changes. The zone in question is not in any other currently active schedules. The good news is that it has not watered since and the graph is back to what IÖ

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    Did you manage to solve the problem?

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    Considering how many years this installation has been used, it can be logically assumed that the whole point is that the shelf life of the installation is suitable. You should consider whether you need to do a complete overhaul or buy a new unit. Tell me, did you completely think over the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe mechanism? If it is faulty, it may happen later in the event of a breakdown, after which water damage repair may be required. You should find specialists who can fix this breakdown or find another supply source. It may also not be easy, but it will bring its own benefits.

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