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Thread: Portable carport vs CalMark (or other) cover?

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    Portable carport vs CalMark (or other) cover?

    My first post! And probably not my last...

    We (wife, kids, myself) just invested in our first Scamp 16’ after researching for months. We had our hearts set on a 13’ without AC, then stumbled across the deal of a lifetime on a 16’ with an AC (funny how that happens)—so now we are looking at alternative storage options for the new addition.

    We live in snowy cold (but wonderful) Minnesota, so adequate storage is huge. After looking around, it looks like either a CalMark cover or an aluminum & canvas portable car port are the ways to go if the standard garage won’t work (won’t for us)...

    Has anyone (especially in colder climates) had luck or bad experiences with either? Pros/cons? Any suggestion is helpful! We are as novice as can be so no tip is unwelcome. We want to keep the Scamp a long time, so if anyone has suggestions that include both “short term” & “long term” plans that’s great too!

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    Once I saw a great decision on the portable carport on Amazon. It looked like an umbrella that would pop out of the top of your vehicle. I was really surprised when I saw that. Actually, it’s similar to the one Gordon shared with us. Actually, I have a nice carport at home. Here it is I have a friend who installs them, so he helped me with it. Anyway, I guess a portable carport is a nice thing to purchase. I’m really curious what you will eventually buy. Keep us updated.

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